1. sana2278

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a makeup tutorial on this look it looks amazing.

  2. mvereen314

    Your so pretty!

  3. gatafiera4u

    Love your eyebrows. Very pretty. And your make up =)

  4. kristy g

    thanks girl for this video…..you make it seem so easy. i wish, i was half as beautiful as you………dam if only i had a technique on makeup… its so hard

  5. TcakesBrownBeauty

    Beautiful! Love the brows, and makeup… What color is that on your nails???

  6. akeizab

    AHH I LOVE THIS! you are so amazing! thank you for this! i love the background music too.

  7. OfficialCynthiaHoney

    Going to try this!!! You’re gorgeous btw!!!!